Fr Bauer ... in brief

Fr David Bauer was a passionate and dedicated Basilian priest. Born in Waterloo on Nov 2, 1924, and following another passion of his: hockey, he became very instrumental in developing the Canadian National Hockey Team in the 1960's. However, hockey was never the end for Fr. Dave Bauer, it was a vehicle to teach philosophy , ethics, art and culture. Fr. Bauer was strongly influenced by Jacques Maritain.

Greg Oliver published :"Father Bauer and the great experiment" in the spring of 2017

A Quest for Meaning

The Quest Program is a registered Canadian Charitable organization dedicated to serve students and teachers in Catholic education. Initially established at Notre Dame College, in Wilcox, Saskatchewan, under the guidance of Fr. Bauer, it has moved to southern Ontario since 1988.


Five principles

Rooted in the Roman Catholic Tradition, the Quest Program is based on five principles: to enhance the dignity of the human person, to account for the gifts we have received, to transmit culture and faith, to give hope, and to work for peace and Justice.

Since 1991, the Quest Program has worked with numerous School Boards in Southern Ontario. The Quest Program has also been an active participant with the Community of St Basil,the community of Taize, L'Arche Community of Jean Vanier, and CREC AVEX in France.

Today, the Quest Program is dedicating more resources and time for research in Media and Communication.